Asphalt Maintenance

We provide asphalt maintenance services year-round to help keep your asphalt surfaces durable and in good shape. Proper maintenance is an important step in lengthening the lifespan of asphalt. Some of our asphalt maintenance services include:

  • Patching
  • Seal coats
  • Crack filling
  • Parking lot and road sweeping
  • Line painting
  • Speed bumps

We provide maintenance for functional purposes, such as pothole filling, and aesthetic purposes as well. We can add a seal coat to your road or parking lot to add an extra layer of protection from the elements and rejuvenate your surface. We also provide snow removal in the winter months.

Regular maintenance lengthens the life of your paved surface.

For regular maintenance services, such as parking lot sweeping, we can provide service on an as-needed basis or on an ongoing contract. Contracts allow us to provide maintenance as soon as it’s needed, without waiting for your word. This service saves time and energy for business owners, and allows for a consistent maintenance budget.

We also supply cold mix asphalt, generally used by municipalities and Rural Municipalities who perform their own road surfacing and patching.

To discuss how we can keep your asphalt in top condition, please contact us.