Base Preparation

At Genco Asphalt Inc, we provide base preparation services for asphalt surfaces. We can provide base preparation services for applications including:

  • Municipal streets/roads
  • Parking lots
  • Acreage driveways

We start by excavating the area if necessary. We excavate down to suitable sub-grade, lay geotextiles if needed, followed by layers of sub-base and base gravel as required. Finally, we pave the surface. A paved surface is only as good as its base. A solid, properly-prepared base will help prevent cracking, ruts, and an uneven surface, and will extend the life of your pavement.

A solid base will extend the life of your paved surface.

We can provide just the base preparation of a project, or we can provide complete paving services. Ideally, we prefer to do a complete paving job to ensure consistency and compatibility between the base course and asphalt. That consistency will help your surface last longer and require less maintenance.

For more information on our base preparation services, please contact us.